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Bullying: The Growing Epidemic In Young Children

  It has all happened to us — being young, being mocked by one or more other children, and ourselves making fun of another person. That’s normal; it’s part of the development of social skills in children. However, when offensive gestures or words become repetitive, we are talking about bullying. There are three roles a…

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Promoting Personal Development In Children

The evolution of a child between 4 and ten years is crucial. His personality is built in part; he develops new beliefs about him and the world around him. At this time, parents or teachers have a real opportunity to plant positive seeds in the child that will help him succeed and thrive later. If…

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10 Things You Need to Know about Parenting

Children do not come with user manuals. Parents are not automatically bestowed with all parental knowledge upon their child’s birth. There is no one person on this planet that has all the answers. If any of this were true, parenting would be a piece of cake and we wouldn’t be writing or reading blogs about……

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