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It’s All About Me: Mindfulness and Empowerment
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Focuses on the Whole Child

The Dara Wisdom and Empowerment Coaching curriculum—It’s All About Me: Mindfulness and Empowerment Life Coaching Program for Kids—can actively help children develop a positive mindset so they can experience an abundance of happiness, confidence, and success in their daily lives.

If you’re a parent, grandparent, educator, or someone who loves working with children, I’m sure you want to see happy, confident children—children who own the greatness that lies within them and know that they can do anything they set their minds to because they are uniquely and exceptionally made. The question is, how do we help them with that?

It doesn’t matter how much we love our children, the raw, honest truth is that we can’t give them the self-esteem or self-confidence they need to experience great success in life. However, what we can do, with the support of my signature program, is help them tap into their SUPERPOWERS, by utilizing the specific tools I teach to nourish their personal development and build these required skills in themselves!


It’s All About Me: Mindfulness and Empowerment Life Coaching Group Program for Kids is an interactive and fun-based program that guides children through each module, week by week, with actionable steps, activities, and tools—all designed to help kids develop powerful mindset skills and promote their personal development. Children will learn techniques to help them handle the many challenges of life and develop the ability to become independent thinkers and good decision-makers. They will be able to visualize their dreams, set and pursue goals, connect with their emotions, and practice empathy for others.

To Parents and Educators Everywhere!

As we go through the academic calendar and evaluate at the beginning of each new school term, it is evident that our children are learning how to read, write, count, and spell. But have you ever wondered why they aren’t learning about Personal Development too? After all, don’t children need to learn how to cope with life challenges, manage anxiety, think positively, etcetera, as they progress from one stage to another, through this journey called life?

Think about this…

✔️ Have you ever wondered why some kids are very driven and focused, setting goals for themselves, while others just go through life one day at a time, never really having any form of direction?

✔️ Have you ever wondered why some children are able to excel in their studies, acing every assignment, while others struggle to stay focused and thrive in their classes?

✔️ Have you ever wondered why schools aren’t teaching the key tools that will impact children’s happiness, confidence, and life success in a positive way?


✔️ Have you ever wondered why some kids are able to make friends easily, building long-lasting friendships—not just with peers, but with teachers, family members, and even strangers—while others struggle to effectively communicate and relate, resulting in short-term friendships, isolation, loneliness, and even depression?

✔️ Have you ever observed that some kids have positive self-esteem, while others struggle day after day, feeling like square pegs in round holes and like they aren’t good enough?

✔️ Have you ever wondered why some children are leaders and not easily persuaded by others, while others are easily influenced by their peers and external sources, such as social media, TV, advertising, magazines, newspapers, apps, photos, and so on?

All the questions listed above are very important and should be asked.

The truth of the matter is that the answer to every one of these questions is very simple: children struggle. Children struggle when they don’t have that one thing that has the greatest impact on their overall life. That one thing, which is their most powerful asset for creating a life that is mentally, emotionally, physically, academically, and socially successful…

That one thing that is essential for them to truly break free of limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and procrastination so they can soar…

That one thing is a Positive Mindset!

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Unfortunately, this isn’t something we can just give our children. We can’t say, “Look, here’s some confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth,” so they can magically transform into a confident child. No, in order for them to have a positive mindset, they must have a growth mindset, which is something that we have to teach them. Remember, just as children need to be taught how to say their ABCs, count from 1–10, tie their shoelaces, use the potty, and so much more, they also need to be taught how to develop a positive mindset, one which is built on a strong foundation.

Children need to break free from a fixed mindset that says, “I can’t, I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough,” and which provides a false sense of confidence. This can only be done by helping children develop the right mindset, early on in life, as this is key to their success and happiness. When children learn that applying effort and willpower, along with using the right strategies, can make them better at things, they will feel empowered and motivated to try harder. When they know their brains are capable of growing—just as their bodies or plants and animals do—they will become more confident, resilient, and motivated to work through their fear of failure and/or negative self-image.


The truth be told, children who learn and think differently from their peers—or even from family members, such as siblings—feel judged and criticized because they know they’re not doing as well as others. They may feel “not smart.” This can make them insecure or defensive, which can get in the way of their personal growth.

Think back to a time when you were a child and you struggled doing something that everyone else grasped easily. How did it make you feel? How did you handle it? Did you quit, or did you keep trying? Do you think that if you knew how to work through your fear of failure and inadequacy you would have felt the way you did?

I had many experiences in my childhood when I allowed myself to remain on the sidelines while I watched everyone go by. I was paralyzed by fear and had a self-defeated mindset because of a speech impediment. (I stuttered and had a lisp.) I vividly remember many times during class when I knew the answer to a question being asked but refused to put up my hand because I was afraid of stuttering. And the same fear gripped me during our daily reading out-loud assignments. It was the beginning of a lifetime of emotional ups and downs, and it didn’t help that my parents didn’t know how to help me through those rough times in my childhood.

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This really affected me, emotionally and physically, from my childhood to adulthood. I became very stressed, obsessing all day and night about my speech, causing my self-esteem and self-confidence to plummet. It wasn’t until a few years ago, when I embarked on a journey to become an author, that I decided to hire a life coach so I could work past my fears and negative perception of myself. I wanted to break free from my limited and fixed mindset so I could discover my true potential. However, during our first session, I was blown away by the results, and I thought to myself immediately Where was this when I was a child?

I remember wondering how different my life would have been if I’d had access to this information in my school years, or if my parents had known how to support me and help me through those difficult stages at home. I immediately had an “Ah-Ha” moment, and I soon after embarked on another journey of Personal Development when I became a Life Coach in 2017. I felt I had so many negative life experiences as a child and didn’t want to let a good crisis go to waste. I knew that Fear was a reaction and Courage is a decision, so I decided to use my many triumphs and the knowledge and techniques I obtained over the years as an overcomer to fuel my Purpose. I knew that I could relate to children in many different ways, and I wanted to help them.

After all…

✔️ I was that child who struggled for years with my self-esteem, limited mindset, and self-doubt.

✔️ I struggled with loving and accepting myself for who I was.

✔️ I refused to believe in Me. I just didn’t know how because all I knew was how to run away from challenges.

✔️ I was that child who sucked her thumb and pulled out my hair in fear and anxiety.

✔️ I’m also the mom of three children, who had to work full-time to support their personal and emotional development.

In addition…

✔️ I’ve worked for 20+ years as a Childcare Specialist, caring for over 30 children during my lifetime. I’ve witnessed their many insecurities and challenges as I’ve helped them along the way.

✔️ As a Childcare Specialist (nanny), I have helped my charges work on their negative self-talk patterns, silence the critics in their heads, and change their “I Can’t Do This to “I can do Anything!”

✔️ I’ve had to put a mirror in front of my blond-haired, blue-eyed little girl, who looks like a Barbie doll, and tell her that she’s “wonderfully and beautifully made.”

✔️ I’ve had to hug my little boy as he cries because he’s not as strong as Superman or as fast as the Flash on the soccer field.

✔️ I understand that, no matter how much we want to help children build their self-esteem and resilience, we cannot give it to them; but we can help them develop it by introducing them to valuable mindset techniques and tools.

This is why…

Coach Reea is on a mission to help children nourish their Personal Development Skills, which would positively affect and filter into every aspect of their personal and academic lives, by improving the way they view themselves, their peers, and the world. It’s ALL About ME—Mindfulness and Empowerment Coaching Program is designed to help children develop the tools needed to empower themselves, so they can move past any self-defeating mindset while boosting their overall confidence.

Coach Reea’s Values

As a child, I went through lots of setbacks in my life. This made me prone to issues like low self-esteem and a defeated self-confidence. Today, I have turned these around, and I help kids deal with these same issues and more. Whenever I have the opportunity, I let children know my Core Values:

✔️ You are capable: We believe that you can achieve great things; you need to believe in yourself.

✔️ You are deserving: Never allow someone’s perception of you to rob you of what you truly deserve. We are all deserving of love. Accept yourself as you are.

✔️ You are strong: Coming face to face with your fears can show you how strong you are. A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success.

Wait, there’s more!

While we know that the educational framework generally uses linguistic or logical learning styles, we are aware that each child’s learning needs may be different. For this reason, we have ensured that our coaching programs incorporate the diverse range of learning styles, appropriate for every child. This is because we know that alternative approaches may be more effective for some learners. It is important to remember; diversity is not exclusively about qualities, beliefs, and faith; it can also determine how we best learn new skills.

✔️ Visual (Spatial)—PowerPoints, Pictures, Coloring, Drawing

✔️ Aural (Auditory/Musical)—Discussions, Videos, Music,

✔️ Verbal (Linguistic)—Speaking, Writing, Scripting and Role-Playing, Q&A’s

✔️ Physical (Kinesthetic)—Art Projects, Scripting and Role-Playing

✔️ Social (Interpersonal)—Group Activities, Group Program

image5 See Payment Options About Coach Reea

Also, we’ve included the principles and framework of CASEL’s 5 Core Competencies for Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) in our program. It’s All About Me: Mindfulness and Empowerment Life Coaching Group Program for Kids also focuses on the Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) of each child, which is a key building block of a child’s overall personal development, helping them achieve success, both at home and inside the classroom.

This program is infused with the core values and foundational topics that strengthen SEL, which is the process that educators and students use to manage emotions, goals, responsible decisions, relationships, and empathy towards others.


The CASEL 5, a widely used and recognized framework for social-emotional learning, cover five core competencies— self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making—all of which are included in our coaching sessions, discussions, and activities.

The strategic use of these topics, paired with our Dara Wisdom and Empowerment Coaching Program for Kids Curriculum, will result in the development of a confident mindset, increased academic achievement, and improved behavior. We anticipate and are excited to see a healthy return on your investment towards your child’s success as they Develop, Strengthen, and Enhance their Personal Development and Mindset.

What you will get in this program…

It’s ALL About ME—Mindfulness and Empowerment Group Coaching Program Topics for each module This training is for you if… And…it’s for you if you want your children/students to acquire lifelong tools to help them… It’s ALL About ME—Mindfulness and Empowerment Group Coaching Program Includes:
✔️ 12 group sessions of coaching, mentoring, & accountability (This is where we are going to grow!)

✔️ Once-weekly recorded group sessions, duration 2.5 hours via Zoom

✔️ Weekly confidence-building and mindset-shifting assignments and challenges

✔️ Daily self-reflection journaling, which promotes self-discovery and self-awareness

✔️ Weekly homework assignments and questionnaires to reinforce what was taught throughout the week, while nourishing the parent-child relationship

✔️ Empower the Child video series (a total of 12 videos on each of the topics presented)

✔️ Over 160 hands-on activities throughout the program (fill-in-the-blank, coloring, writing, art and crafts, role-playing, etc.)

✔️ Weekly newsletter, blog articles, and parenting tips and strategies to help support the child or student during the program

✔️ Unlimited email access to Coach Reea during the course for questions & support

✔️ Access to our private Facebook group for added support

✔️ Certification of Completion for the Dara Wisdom and Empowerment Coaching, It’s All About ME—Mindfulness and Empowerment Group Coaching Program

Topics for each module

✔️ Self-Esteem: High (Healthy Self-Esteem); Low (Unhealthy Self-Esteem)

✔️ Self-Love: Physical / Emotional / Spiritual Care / Inner-Beauty Appreciation

✔️ Body Image: Recognize Differences / Celebrate Uniqueness

✔️ Self-Worth & Values: Identify Negative Self-Image / Develop Life-Affirming Image / Gratitude

✔️ Conflict Resolution: Effective Communication / Active Listening / DEAR Approach / Building Relationships / Social Awareness

✔️ Goal-Setting: Set Intentions / SMART Goals / Personal Mission Statements / Time Management

✔️ Character-Building: Integrity / Compassion / Kindness / Discipline / Accountability and Responsibility / Responsible Decision-Making

✔️ Self-Talk: Negative & Positive / Negating / Affirming / Reframing / Discovering Self-Awareness

✔️ Media & Me: Internal & External Influence / Positive Media Bio / Healthy Media Practice

✔️ Anti-Bullying: Signs of Bullying / Asking for Help / Accepting the Differences in Others

✔️ Self-Celebration: Learning to Celebrate Yourself / Celebrating Failures / Recognizing Small Victories

✔️ Self-Confidence: Conquering Fears / Strength & Courage / Empowerment

This training is for you if…

✔️ You want to help your children/students feel powerful from the inside-out, so that their confidence and self-esteem are based on who they are and not on what they do or what they have.

✔️ You want to know the main obstacles crushing children’s self-esteem and how to help children escape those traps with mindset skills.

✔️ You are looking for a fun and engaging program that will help you develop “the whole child”—where your children/students can develop leadership, resilience, emotion management, goal-setting, character-building, and achievement skills.

✔️ You want to help your children/students work on their personal development, while creating a memorable bonding opportunity, but you don’t want to spend hours and hours reading books or researching what to do or say.

✔️ You want a program that is designed to work for both you and your children/students.

✔️ You want to understand how to help your children/students navigate through the pressures of today.

✔️ You want to learn ways to help nourish your children’s/students’ personal development.

✔️ You want to boost your overall confidence so you can show up positively for you and your children/students (You can apply all these skills too).

✔️ You want to make a positive difference in your children’s/students’ lives.

✔️ You are looking for a program that is fun and effective.

✔️ You are passionate about personal development.

And…it’s for you if you want your children/students to acquire lifelong tools to help them…

✔️Boost healthy self-esteem

✔️Handle and resolve conflicts

✔️ Gain confidence and resilience

✔️ Learn techniques to combat fear and doubt

✔️ Improve emotional regulation skills

✔️ Lower anxiety and stress

✔️Communicate genuinely with you and their peers

✔️Improve social and emotional skills

✔️Strengthen self-control

✔️Increase positive moods

✔️Make better decisions

✔️Improve health and body image

✔️Improve social skills and communication

✔️Increase motivation and work ethic to follow through with tasks

✔️Find and maximize inner strength for success

Also, every child who completes this signature coaching program will develop a confident mindset, which enables them to face and embrace challenges that arise in their walk through life; they learn a “specialized set of learned skills,” as well, which are the five components we use in our coaching:

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The 5 Key Competencies & Skills

Task Initiation Observation Take Action Self-Reflection Self-Evaluation Task Initiation

They will learn how to take appropriate action in their life to rid themselves of any self-defeating mindset that limits their ability to take action


They will learn how to observe their thoughts, conversations, behavior, etc., so they can continuously work towards positively improving and building their strengths and weaknesses.

Take Action

They will learn how to take actionable steps towards working on issues, setting goals, taking care of themselves, celebrating their achievements and failures, in addition to facing their fears, and so much more.


They will learn how to set aside time each day to specifically focus on themselves. This is done throughout the program through journaling and daily activities. They will develop the ability to ask themselves questions about their goals, behavior, and general state of mind.


They will learn how to look at their progress and determine what has improved and what areas still need improvement. This usually involves comparing a “before” situation with a current situation.


This coaching program also includes digital bonuses, which will be delivered within the program accordingly:

Six Free Digital (PDF) Copies of the Dara Wisdom and Empowerment Coaching Workbooks Series.

✔️I Am Uniquely Made and Exceptionally Awesome (Priced at $8.99)

✔️ I Am Who I Say I Am (Priced at $8.99)

✔️ I Am Fearless, Selfless and Destined for Greatness (Priced at $8.99)

✔️ Standing in Our Greatness (Priced at $8.99)

✔️ If You Are Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands (Priced at $8.99)

✔️ Bully Here… Bully There… Do You Care? (Priced at $8.99)

✔️ The I Am Getting to Know Me Six Weeks Journal Digital Copy (Priced at $14.99)

✔️ Dara Wisdom and Empowerment Sixty Days Affirmation for Kids (Priced at $5.99)

✔️ Mindful Parenting Journal

That’s a total value of $74.92 to access these books in print.

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Flexible Payment Plan Options

Payment Option One

  • Pay in Full Upon Registration

Payment Option Two

  • $200 Down Payment
  • $200 on Week 4 and 6 (effective from day of purchase)
  • Total $600

Schedule Date

January 12th – March 30th from 2:30pm – 5:00pm (7-9 years old)

January 14th 2:30pm – April 1st from 5:30pm (10-12 years old)


What is a Certified Life Coach?

A Certified Life Coach is a trusted mentor, who can help you identify and uncover what keeps you from reaching your fullest potential. It is a one-on-one relationship that provides a supportive and non-judgmental space to help you create what you want for yourself. A Life Coach helps you strategize and teaches you the tools you need to achieve your goals. Coaching consists of a series of steps that help you identify and reframe your thoughts and attitudes. It can also help you break negative habits.

What is the difference between life coaching and teaching or educating?

Education typically provides information or introduces knowledge and skills about specific topics. Some parts of our program consist of teaching—which involves passing on the knowledge of human behavior, success, and happiness. However, life coaching is more than teaching. It provides individuals with the knowledge of what they need to do, the tools to help them do it, and the support and guidance they need along the way until they gain control over their mind, body, and soul.

Can children really be coached?

The answer is “Yes, Yes, and Yes!” Children can be coached. I believe it much easier to coach children because we have the ability to help them create a positive belief system and attitude about themselves and others during the years when they have a high ability to absorb. This is beneficial, as we are able to intercept before they develop bad habits. This can be achieved when we adjust the style and pace of the program to the age and situation of the child, so they just enjoy the time talking about themselves and have a lot of fun.

From what age can you coach kids?

Children are amazing beings who can achieve great things, which makes them coachable at any age. In our group coaching program, we coach children from kindergarten through high school. We use games suitable for their age to activate within them positive thinking, curiosity, sense of security in their surroundings, trust, and confidence.

How do you coach kids?

Children learn best while they play, because the new knowledge is associated with fun. I bring into my children coaching programs 24 years of experience in teaching through games, coupled with various mindset activities, and the knowledge of the learning process. I assess their communication style and find the best way for each of them to absorb information, presenting the program in the way that suits them best.

How do you handle kids with learning difficulties?

Children with learning difficulties are no different from other kids. We believe that learning difficulties result from a brain that’s just “wired” differently. We’ve found that children with learning difficulties have exceptional abilities in other areas, which can be used to compensate for the difficulties, so we build on each child’s strengths to bypass the area of difficulty. Based on their learning difficulties, we can assess and determine if a group coaching setting is the right fit for them, or if they would benefit more in the one-on-one coaching.

What are the benefits of Zoom coaching? ●It allows your child to work on their issues from the comfort of their own home, and it is just as effective.
●It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, you can still access my services.
●Zoom coaching eliminates the expense of travel costs.
●Zoom coaching is more affordable than face-to-face coaching.
●It provides an experience similar to and as effective as the traditional face-to-face coaching sessions, using the same powerful and proven strategies.
●It makes it possible to record the coaching session, so you can refer back to it whenever you want. Will there be homework?

Yes, but I like to call it “lifework.” Each week, there will be different assignments based on the topic or module. They can be done within an hour or less, based on your child’s ability. As the parent or educator, you can map out a plan for accountability and choose the best suited time to complete these assignments.

How can I best support my child on their journey?

Continuing to be a compassionate and supportive parent is a great way to start. Understand that they may or may not want to talk about their coaching sessions. The best thing you can do is listen when they want you to and give them space when they need it.

About Coach Reea Rodney


Reea is a dynamic woman of God, who aspires to be a positive change in the world. She is passionate about empowering all people she meets in her walk of life, but she has a special interest in children. She hopes to be that affirmative voice for them that she lacked as a child.

Reea holds a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management and an associate’s degree in Occupational Studies. She’s also a Certified CBT Cognitive Behavioral Coach and a Parenting and Children’s Life Coach. She holds a Certification in Children and Adolescent Counselling, as well as being a Mindfulness Parenting Practitioner. That along with over 20-plus years of experience as a Childcare Specialist, this mother of three knows the many different languages that children use when they need help and support.

Reea is also the founder of Dara Wisdom and Empowerment Coaching and the creator of the I Empower Me movement, an initiative she formed a few years ago to help empower others. In addition, she has authored 18 books. As a certified Life Coach and Author, Reea has created a Personal Development series of workbooks and journals, a guide for parents and educators, sixty days of affirmations specifically for children, and several programs that guide children and parents to healthier relationships.

Reea’s desire is to ensure that children are provided with the necessary coaching that helps develop a positive mindset and confidence. She understands their struggles, and she is able to nurture the unique potential within each child. She takes pride in her ability to help kids feel comfortable and confident as they transform into responsible, resilient, empowered individuals.

Read what parents have to say about our program.

“A Confident Me” Parent and Child Workshop conducted by Coach Reea Rodney was expedited with a high degree of professionalism. Her presentation was dynamic, informative, and created an atmosphere that promoted or fostered a close bond between parent and child. My bond with my daughter has become closer. Additionally, the activities were profoundly introspective and well structured. Coach Reea is definitely a voice of empowerment for our next generation.
Ava Daniel My daughter Imani and I really enjoyed Coach Reea’s program. We learnt about stretching and stepping outside our comfort zone. At the end, we both felt very empowered and had lots of fun doing the activities.
Collette Halliman

I attended the confidence-building workshop with my daughter and I must state that Mrs. Rodney’s workshop was uniquely inspiring and her delivery was dynamic. This workshop has helped me to become more confident, and it taught me how I can motivate my daughter. Also, the activities were very interesting and fun. Thank you, Coach Reea.
Kimberly Daniel

Today I learned a lot as I am working on my self-confidence as a mom and person. I learned that once you keep trying, you will build your confidence and that giving up should never be an option. I learned that I have to think about things in a positive way and then move forward to doing whatever I have to do positively. Also, my nephew who attended the workshop with me was very shy, however, while working on the activities, I watched him open up and he was very confident in doing the task by himself. Coach Reea did a great job, and my nephew and I are feeling very confident about ourselves, and we are going to go out there and apply what we learned.
Yolanda Arthur Great job, Coach Reea. You are well informed and highly motivated. I appreciate your tenacity, hard work, and knowledge. I am indeed highly motivated and driven to work harder with my daughter in her self-confidence and also myself. You are a ROCK STAR!
Grace Reid I am very glad that my daughter Ruth and I attended Coach Reea’s Confidence Building Workshop. I gained an incredible amount of insight and have learned some valuable tools. Because of this, I now have the knowledge and confidence in myself to help my child become more confident in herself, so she can overcome her fears and be who God intends for her to be. I hope you will continue to do these workshops and that more and more people would attend so they can benefit. May God continue to bless you and give you the strength to do what you are doing.
Sandra Peters Coach Reea’s Confidence Building workshop was impacting, enlightening, invigorating, inspiring, and was well put together. I would like to take this time to encourage anyone who’s reading my review to come out with your child or children. You will not regret it, as it is life-changing.
Avarine Daniel

Read what children have to say about our program.

I learned about the stretching exercise, and I also learned that I am brave, powerful, and mighty.
Ruth Peters

I learned about what to do with myself and steps about visualization. I also learned that although I may feel like a failure at times, inside and outside, I’m not and I should never call myself a failure.
Josiah Draghine, 7 years

I learned to trust myself and to always believe in me because you can achieve what you set your mind to do. My favorite part of the workshop was the vision board activity.
Imani Raphael I love Coach Reea’s workshop. She taught me to not look down on myself. I had a lot of fun. Thank You.
Kyniah Daniel I attended Coach Reea’s Confidence Building Workshop with my mom, and I had a lot of fun. I learned about loving myself and self-empowerment and about the importance of being myself. I also learned about negative self-talk and how not to let negative thoughts take over my mind. Great job, Coach Reea. I will be at your next event for sure.
Destiny Browne, 14 years

With Coach Reea Rodney

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