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The Benefit Of Introducing Affirmation In Young Children

By ReeaRodney | January 10, 2019

When a child feels bad about the unfavorable situations coming into their life, they become negatively motivated. Instead of thinking what they can do about it, they choose to feel depressed and end up building more negative circumstances without knowing it. Focusing on the positive becomes even more critical whenever feelings of frustrations, sadness, and…

How To Promote Self-Love In Our Children

By ReeaRodney | December 2, 2018

What it is and how to promote self-love. Self-love means feeling satisfied by the right behavior and the deserved achievements. People with healthy self-love also know how to respect other people. They do not need to do less to other people or boast or exaggerate their skills or talents. They do not need a lot…

Bullying: The Growing Epidemic In Young Children

By ReeaRodney | November 7, 2018

  It has all happened to us — being young, being mocked by one or more other children, and ourselves making fun of another person. That’s normal; it’s part of the development of social skills in children. However, when offensive gestures or words become repetitive, we are talking about bullying. There are three roles a…

Promoting Personal Development In Children

By ReeaRodney | September 26, 2018

The evolution of a child between 4 and ten years is crucial. His personality is built in part; he develops new beliefs about him and the world around him. At this time, parents or teachers have a real opportunity to plant positive seeds in the child that will help him succeed and thrive later. If…

4 Effective Ways To Raising Independent And Confident Children

By ReeaRodney | September 26, 2018

    Raising independent and confident children requires first and foremost knowing when to intervene and when to give them space to acquire their skills, those they will learn after facing challenges and difficulties. Also, this art of raising and educating requires a great deal of patience, tons of affection and a wise look to…

The Use of Positive Self-Talk for Parenting

By ReeaRodney | January 26, 2018

When the word self- talk is mentioned people generally thinks that it has to deal with being able to speak to yourself through your inner voice. However, we must also understand that self-talk is the ability to provide opinions and evaluations to yourself of what you think is right or wrong or… Read More……

Dealing with Different Emotions: Children’s Experience

By ReeaRodney | September 20, 2017

Young children deal with many of the same emotions adults do. Children get angry, sad, frustrated, nervous, happy, or embarrassed, but they often do not have the words to talk about how they are feeling. Instead, they sometimes act out these emotions in very physical and inappropriate ways. Sometimes children express their emotions in ways……

Educating Your Young Child about Self-Esteem

By ReeaRodney | July 14, 2017

Self-esteem represents an aspect of self-cognition that reflects one’s perceptions about oneself. This self-esteem is shaped not only by an individual’s own perceptions and expectations but also by the significant people in their lives. This includes how they are thought of and treated by parents, siblings, teachers, and friends. These perceptions are formed through the……

Parents Role in Developing Positive Self Esteem in Children

By ReeaRodney | June 14, 2017

Self-esteem is an orientation towards oneself; this orientation may be positive or negative. In another word, self-esteem refers to the way an individual feel about him/herself. There are two major components of self-esteem; the sense of personal worth and sense of personal ability. These two important components develop over time with multiple experiences. Children who……

10 Things You Need to Know about Parenting

By ReeaRodney | March 2, 2017

Children do not come with user manuals. Parents are not automatically bestowed with all parental knowledge upon their child’s birth. There is no one person on this planet that has all the answers. If any of this were true, parenting would be a piece of cake and we wouldn’t be writing or reading blogs about……

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