Personal Development Activities

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Sixty Days Affirmation for Kids


Create Your Own Affirmation

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Additional Bonuses

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Coaching Resources

Signature Six Weeks Group Coaching Sessions

Workbooks Specifically Designed for each Coaching Session.

45 Minute long Coaching Sessions and Support.


"I've been delighted to see Coach Reea Rodney grow from a Nanny and Children's Author into an inspiring Children's Coach. I've not had the pleasure of sitting in one of her workshops, but the material she's has developed, the Coaching Workbooks and the Daily Journal, these resources are top quality and something that I know my children will love." ~ Joy Findlay, NZ


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If you think your child would benefit from Dara Wisdom and Empowerment Coaching, please contact me either by phone or by completing the form below. Contact Coach Reea - 1-347-962-8363


With Coach Reea Rodney

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