4 Effective Ways To Raising Independent And Confident Children

    Raising independent and confident children requires first and foremost knowing when to intervene and when to give them space to acquire their skills, those they will learn after facing challenges and difficulties. Also, this art of raising and educating requires a great deal of patience, tons of affection and a wise look to…

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The Use of Positive Self-Talk for Parenting

When the word self- talk is mentioned people generally thinks that it has to deal with being able to speak to yourself through your inner voice. However, we must also understand that self-talk is the ability to provide opinions and evaluations to yourself of what you think is right or wrong or… Read More……

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Educating Your Young Child about Self-Esteem

Self-esteem represents an aspect of self-cognition that reflects one’s perceptions about oneself. This self-esteem is shaped not only by an individual’s own perceptions and expectations but also by the significant people in their lives. This includes how they are thought of and treated by parents, siblings, teachers, and friends. These perceptions are formed through the……

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