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A parent who radiates Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence vaccinates their child against Low Self-Esteem and Lack of Confidence

“As parents you want your children to have everything they need, so they can be happy, successful and fulfilled in life. However, for this to happen your child must have CONFIDENCE in themselves and have a POSITIVE MINDSET. This is something you simply CANNOT give them, but… the GOOD NEWS is you can help them develop these Personal Developmental Skills in themselves. ~ Life Coach Reea Rodney, CEO of Dara Wisdom and Empowerment Coaching. 

This workshop is Activity Base, Fun and Interactive, so come prepared to Learn and Discover how to become a CONFIDENT YOU.

Contact Us Today to Learn More See Workshop Requirement Details Welcome to “Building a Confident Mindset Workshop Program”  This workshop is designed to help both you and your child move past from any limiting belief or self-defeating patterns you may have. This coaching workshop will guide you through actionable material to help you build your confidence kit so you can be UNSTOPPABLE. Topics such as self-confidence, self-talk, self-celebration, visualization and so much more will be discussed.    Each person who completes this coaching workshop will have developed the skills of using visualization, positive self-talk, powerful affirmations, goal setting and stretching and would have developed the tools needed to boost his/her self-confidence as both you and your child would develop the ability to face and embrace challenges. As the parent, it is your responsibility to work alongside the coaching professional so that both you and the child can get the maximum result. It is the coach’s objective to motivate both you and your child and to hold you both accountable for achieving your goals. 


This workshop is Activity Base, Fun and Interactive, so come prepared to Learn and Discover how to become a CONFIDENT YOU.

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What you can gain from this workshop Parents If you want your child to…. Parents If You Want To… BONUS!!! What you can gain from this workshop
  • Discover the three main factors hurting your self-confidence.
  • Discover effective techniques to help you conquer your deepest fears.
  • Knowledge and practical tools/skills to incorporate in your daily life.
  • Learn key steps to help you recover from failure.
  • Combat negative self-talk and speak positivity into your life.
  • Become a positive, proactive child/parent.
  • Overcome self-sabotage
  • Obtain unparalleled levels of confidence.

Ideal for Elementary and Middle School Students but All Ages Are Welcome to Join

Parents If you want your child to….
  • Have incredible self-confidence & healthy self-esteem
  • Learn Techniques to combat fear and doubt
  • Have genuine communication with you
  • Increase motivation and work ethic so that they follow through with tasks
  • Find their inner strengths so that they can maximize those strengths for their success

This Workshop Is For Your Child

Parents If You Want To…
  • To understand how to help your child navigate through the pressures of today.
  • Learn ways to help nourish your child’s personal development.
  • To boost your overall confidence so you can show up confidently for you and your child.

This Workshop Is For You



This coaching workshop also includes bonuses. Which will be delivered within the program accordingly.

  • Dara Wisdom and Empowerment Coaching Certification of Participation.
  • Digital Copy of Dara Wisdom and Empowerment Sixty Days Affirmation for Kids (valued at $5.99).
  • Digital Copy of I Am Fearless, Selfless and Destined for Greatness Self-Confidence Workbook (Valued $8.99)
  • Digital Copy of the I Empower Me Pledge

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It’s time for you to shine from the inside out, so you won’t depend on others to light you up. 

Your Ticket Purchase Will Include

  • Material for all activity assignments
  • Healthy Snack and Refreshment
  • Certificate of Participation

Workshop Requirement Details

Thank you for expressing interest in my Dara Wisdom and Empowerment Confidence Building Workshop “A Confident Me.”  I am excited to assist you and your child/children through the form of Life Coaching.

As a Life Coach for children, I will help with their growth as we work together nourishing their Self-Confidence. Self-Esteem, Self-Talk, Self-Love, and Self-Celebration skills etc. These skills would positively affect and filter into every developmental stage of a child’s life by improving the way they view themselves, others and the world.

For schools, churches, camps or any organization wishing to have my coaching program services. There’s a minimum requirement of ten to fifteen (10-15) participants as I would be facilitating this workshop of 5 hours of instruction time at your doors here in the New York, New Jersey and Long Island area.

For any further questions or inquires please contact me via email or phone.

Email: coachreea@gmail.com
Phone: (347) 962-8363

Building a Confident Mindset Workshop Reviews


I attending the Confident Building Workshop with my teenage son and I must share that it was very helpful to both me as a parent and my son. Coach Reea was on point with every topic she coached us on. I strongly believe that all parents should take some timeout with their children to experience such a wonderful workshop. My son and I shared some bonded moments together that will go down in our memory bank. We can’t wait for the next workshop. Marsha Gardner  “A Confident Me” Parent and Child Workshop conducted by Coach Reea Rodney was expedited with a high degree of professionalism. Her presentation was dynamic, informative, and created an atmosphere that promoted or fostered a close bond between a parent and child. My bond with my daughter has become closer. Additionally, the activities were profoundly introspective and well structured. Coach Reea is definitely a voice of empowerment for our next generation.  Ava Daniel  I am very glad that my daughter Ruth and I attended Coach Reea’s Confident Building Workshop. I gain an incredible amount of insight and have learned some valuable tools. Because of this I now have the knowledge and confidence in myself to help my child become more confident in herself so she can overcome her fears and be who God intends for her to be. I hope you will continue to do these workshops and that more and more people would attend so they can benefit. May God continue to bless you and give you the strength to do what you are doing.  Sandra Peters 

I attended the confident building workshop with my daughter and I must state that Mrs. Rodney’s workshop was uniquely inspiring and her delivery was dynamic. This workshop has helped me to become more confident and it thought me how I can motivate my daughter. Also, the activities were very interesting and fun. Thank you Coach Reea. Kimberly Daniel

Great Job Coach Reea. You are well informed and highly motivated. I appreciate your tenacity, hard work, and knowledge. I am indeed highly motivated and driven to work harder with my daughter in her self-confidence and also myself. You are a ROCK STAR! Grace Reid

Today I learnt a lot as I am working on my self-confidence as a mom and person. I learnt that once you keep trying you will build your confidence and that giving up should never be an option. I learn that I have to think about things in a positive way and then move forward to doing whatever I have to do positively. Also, my nephew who attended the workshop with me was very shy however, while working on the activities I watched him opened up and was very confident in doing the task by himself. Coach Reea did a great job and my nephew and I are feeling very confident about ourselves and we are going to go out there and apply what we learn.Yolanda Arthur

Coach Reea’s Confident Building workshop was impacting, enlightening, invigorating, inspiring and was well put together. I would like to take this time to encourage anyone who’s reading my review to come out and with your child or children. You will not regret it as it is life changing. Avarine Daniel 

My daughter Imani and I really enjoyed Coach Reea’s workshop we learnt about stretching and stepping outside our comfort zone. At the end, we both felt very empowered and had lots of fun doing the activities.Collette Halliman


This workshop was a really great experience for me. I’m really grateful that I got the tools needed to move forward in life and to be the best person that I can be Dantae Martin  – 15 years

I attended Coach Reea’s Confident Building Workshop with my mom and I had a lot of fun. I learnt about loving myself and self-empowerment and about the importance of being myself,  I also learn about negative self-talk and how not to let negative thoughts take over my mind. Great job Coach Reea I will be at your next event for sure. Destiny Browne – 14 years

I love Coach Reea’s workshop. She thought me to not look down on myself. I had a lot of fun. Thank You. Kyniah Daniel

I learnt about what to do with myself and steps about visualization. I also learnt that although I may feel like a failure at times inside and outside I’m not and I should never call myself a failure. Josiah  Draghine 7 years

I learnt to trust myself and to always believe in me because you can achieve what you set your mind to do. My favourite part of the workshop was the vision board activityImani Raphael 

I learn to visualize what we want to be and work towards it and that I shouldn’t let mistakes define who I am as a person. Jada Draghine

I learnt about being confidence and about facing my fears. Coach Reea is a Rockstar and so I’m I.Hope Reid

I learnt about self-confidence. It makes you powerful and it makes you strong  I also learnt about talking to yourself “self-talk” and affirmations. Honor Daniel I learnt about the stretching exercise and I also learnt that I am brave, powerful and mighty. Ruth Peters

With Coach Reea Rodney

Email: coachreea@gmail.com
Phone: (929) 277-1955‬
Facebook: @reearodney1
Instagram: @darawisdomandempowerment


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