4 Effective Ways To Raising Independent And Confident Children



Raising independent and confident children requires first and foremost knowing when to intervene and when to give them space to acquire their skills, those they will learn after facing challenges and difficulties. Also, this art of raising and educating requires a great deal of patience, tons of affection and a wise look to meet the necessities. It is essential to understand and master this as this set of skills where we learn to be responsible for our world, to organize, manage our affairs, learn from our mistakes and develop a sense of self-efficacy. So what are the strategies we can implement to raise independent and confident children?

1. Raising independent children: knowing when to intervene and when to lead from afar

The education of a child is like a dance where, at times, we have to hug and support them and, soon after, allow freedom of movement. Nevertheless, even at times when the dance partner can come off to perform his steps and movements in absolute freedom, the other part is always present, guiding away. Knowing when to act and when to move away from our children requires first and foremost the application of basic rules of cohabitation and a framework of action where each member of the family has its responsibilities. A responsibility assumed and performed daily grants rights, and it is in this dynamic agreed between members of a family that children can grow up safe and happy knowing what is expected of them at every moment.

2. The trust
To raise independent and confident children, it is necessary that we give them confidence; that they trust us as parents or educators, and believe in themselves. Thus, the child who grows up in an environment where he is constantly nourished, where affection and attention are always accessible and where there is no fear or obstacles when he wishes to communicate his concerns and his needs, will be more sure of itself to be able to achieve anything.

3. Learn how to make healthy choices
What do we mean by a healthy decision? Healthy or rewarding decisions are those that allow a child to learn, opening the door to responsibilities so that he or she can understand that actions have consequences and that bad behavior has an impact on same and on the environment. They are also those that teach that it is good to ask for advice and that sometimes the choice we make must not coincide with that of others.
Also, to raise independent and confident children, it is necessary to take into account that each child has his personality, his tastes, his passions. As adults, we cannot be mediators in all our decisions and choices, but we can guide and advise them.

4. Social skills and their importance
The development of adequate social skills in children will help them to build more satisfying relationships, to have a safer self-image and to create rewarding social talent. We must not forget that developing basic skills such as empathy and assertiveness will help them to have more positive links with their environment so that they will avoid bullying dynamics and will survive healthier lives in their social and emotional journey.

To conclude, in the adventure of raising independent and confident children, and especially happy, we cannot neglect a cardinal aspect: ourselves. Who educates the child? It is the father, the mother, the grandparents and all the social agents who are part of the environment close to the child, who educates by example, which feeds or invalidates, who gives impetus to the wings of the child or holds him in a cage where only indecision, dependence, and frustration reside.

Let’s do it right, let’s remember that words leave their mark, that affection nourishes and that examples mark the paths.

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