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Life Coaching for Children

We aim to establish a Responsible, Caring, Understanding and Supportive Environment that every child desires, so they can achieve their maximum potential.

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Coaching Workshops

Primary Topics Coach Reea Covers:

Self-Esteem (High and Low)
Self-Talk (Positive and Negative)
Self-Confidence (Confidence Building)

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“Reea Rodney is truly a blessing and highly knowledgeable in the parenting and coaching arena. I am the parent of an autistic 13 year old girl who clearly lacks self-confidence. After Reea's presentation on developing self-confidence by utilizing the her Six tools to help build a Confident Mindset I had a better understanding of my daughter's position and felt reassured to support her ability to function. I feel compelled to use her technique on stretching toward helping my daughter build her self-confidence. Thank you Reea you are a wonderful person. I wish you all the success in your present and future endeavors.”

~ Sharon Burke-Mensah, Nurse and Moms Lives in Texas.

“I’ve been delighted to see Coach Reea Rodney grow from a Nanny and Children’s Author into an inspiring Children’s Coach. I’ve not had the pleasure of sitting in one of her workshops, but the material she’s has developed, the Coaching Workbooks and the Daily Journal, these resources are top quality and something that I know my children will love.”~ Joy Findlay, New Zealand

“I'm a mother of a 8 year old boy and I’m truly thankful for the advice and tips used by Coach Reea. I've always tried to motivate my son to do his best and to love himself but it was a challenge. However, the coaching workbooks and tips provided by Coach Reea really propelled him into becoming a more confident, grounded young man.

I'll recommend all the Coaching workbooks in her Dara Wisdom and Empowerment Self-Improvement Series to any mother or family that's wants to help motivate a special child in their life so they can become a well rounded individual. It's not for children alone! It boosted me also to better communicate with my son and has helped me heal from my past so I can become a better wife, mother and friend. Thanks again Coach Reea.”

~ Onika Pryce-Burke, Lives in Trinidad W.I

My name is Yolande, I’m a mother of two boys ages 11 and 13. I discovered Coach Reea by following her on Facebook while she was sharing her testimony about her personal life struggle battling an illness and her remarkable triumph when she completely healed. I befriended her and she quickly became a life lined to my family.

Coach Reea is an inspiration to my youngest son and has coached him into believing in himself. She played a big role in helping him regain his self-esteem and confidence. Because of her coaching, and constant conversations with him he has pushed beyond his barriers and is excelling.

My son sang to his schoolmates and teachers for black history month, putting all his doubts about himself away. He’s striving in his studies and have received certificates for student of the month and for the most outstanding achievement in academics effort. I can boldly say it’s because of her support.

Coach Reea has helped me as parent by guiding me towards pushing my children, and my helping them regain their self-esteem, self-confidence and so much more. Reea has a gift for reaching out to children. She is truly an inspiration to every child she meets.

~ Yolande Arthur: Lives in Brooklyn, NY

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